Saturday, April 5, 2008


We are physically in our new house now. We are still living among boxes, though. It took me two days to find my deodorant. I've moved almost all the boxes into the spare bedroom, and organized them in order of importance. The goal is to unpack one box per day. I have not yet, however, attained that goal. Right now, I'm still busy catching up on laundry and trying to clear off all countertops, etc., where things have collected. We made sure the girls' stuff was completely unpacked, to help them with the transition from the only home they've ever known to this new and much larger house. It's easiest to keep them happy when I open the front door and turn them loose on the great outdoors. They come back covered in mud, onion grass - all kinds of nature. But, they're happy and they're getting along, which makes the mess worth it.

We have friends who also moved the weekend we moved. They are SUPER organized, and I would bet money that their house is already unpacked, decorated, and looking like they've lived there for years. We just hope we can get the house in working order by the time my parents move here in July! *grin*

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