Friday, July 31, 2009


Peanut continues to be a constant source of entertainment for Bean and Cakes - especially for Cakes. She practically mauls Peanut with love and affection.

For the most part, Peanut enjoys the attention from Cakes. I think Cakes gets more smiles from her than anyone else in the family.

Cakes is also her chief tormenter. As previously stated, she often tries to pick Peanut up by her head. She's also a "close talker." She'll get right up into Peanut's space (and Peanut has a definite sense of personal space) to babble and squeal adoringly. She smothers her with kisses on the mouth and head hugs (wrapping her arms around Peanut's head and squeezing), despite my protests of, "Gently, gently!"

But, Peanut is an easygoing kid. She's got quite a tolerance for her doting big sisters, and knows that her mom will swoop in to rescue her when things get a little unbearable.

And, breaking out the baby and the camera phone is a surefire way to put an end to any fighting between Bean and Cakes.


Kat said...

Aww. So, so cute! :)

Lisa said...

It's hard for me and my girls are 7! I look like crap, you would think this was my first baby Karen! lol

Although, Destiny has the touch and loves to sing to Angeliz and hold her and Genesis is cool with just a kiss and then walking away.

Tanya said...

They're getting so big.