Friday, January 8, 2010


Tanya sent me a really funny post from Snoodlings today. Being a South-bound Northerner, I can relate to both points of view. My kids, however, are Southern through and through (minus the accent, with the exception of a few words like "five" and "toilet"). They have no concept of a Northern winter. They have joined the ranks of kids who know how to make a good-sized snowman in an inch of snow within 15 minutes of the first flake falling, knowing full well that the snow will probably be gone within three hours. They have joined the ranks of kids who want to wear coats and sweaters in 55 degree weather. They have joined the ranks of kids who think anything stronger than a flurry is a blizzard.

So, here we are in the throes of our 2010 "winter blast." This means that school is cancelled for the second day in a row because of the dusting of snow on the ground. Almost no one is venturing from their well-stocked homes; after all, who knows when we'll be able to brave the roads for a trip to the grocery store? And the cherubs have taken full advantage of the almost-half-an-inch of snow on the ground.

There wasn't quite enough snow for even a Southern kid to erect a snowman, but Bean said, "We made the angels smile to show you how much we love the snow!"

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Kara said...

How cute! We were just in Houston where the temps were dropping below freezing for 3 days in a row. You would have thought they were preparing for the blizzard of the year with all the news, talk etc. But they aren't used to it, so I'll give them that.
Enjoy your artic winter:)