Friday, February 22, 2008


It was raining all morning. Well, raining is probably too strong a word. It was actually misting all morning, and was gray and dull outside. So, my cabin-feverish girls were in quite a mood. It seemed from the moment they woke up, they were pushing, kicking, and hitting one another. I tried feeding them, I tried putting on their favorite Noggin shows, I tried getting them involved in separate activities at opposite ends of the house; they kept ending up together, pushing, kicking, hitting ...

So, the exasperated Mommy spent 45 minutes squeezing wriggling, screaming children into some weather-appropriate clothing and headed off to Quizno's. There was screaming for the entire 10-minute drive to the restaurant, but Quizno's saved the day!!! Cheesy Toasted Cheese meals brightened the mood and made the girls happy to be alive, out, and about (at least for a while). Upon returning home, Cakes took a nap, Bean went outside to blow bubbles, and then both girls took a nice, relaxing bath before Big Daddy came home to give me a break.


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