Thursday, September 11, 2008


I realized tonight that I haven't given a weaning update. Here's a quick rundown:

Day 1: Screaming throughout the day. Begging for "bed booby" at regular intervals. Ninety minutes of screaming at bedtime. Sleep from sheer exhaustion.

Day 2: Moderate screaming periodically throughout the day. Several requests for "bed booby." Ninety minutes of screaming at bedtime. Sleep from sheer exhaustion.

Day 3: One to two requests for "bed booby." Accidental breastfeeding while distracted by Bean, resulting in one tantrum. Thirty minutes of screaming at bedtime. Sleep after several minutes of calm.

Day 4: No requests for "bed booby." Ten to fifteen minutes of screaming at bedtime. Sleep after several minutes of calm.

Day 5 through 13: See "Day 4."

Day 14 through present: No requests for "bed booby." Declarations of "My don't wanna go to bed," followed by a resigned sigh of, "Alright." Sleep after several minutes of calm.

Now, to be honest, I am still nursing her in the middle of the night if she starts to squirm and fuss. But, I make sure that she is not fully conscious and, thus, not fully aware of the fact that she is being nursed. Plus, it makes the transition easier for me. How many of you have read Pioneer Woman's blog when she talks about the mama cows being separated from their calves for sorting and ... um ... fixing? Those teats don't look too pretty!

But, I think we've reached a turning point. Last night, Cakes actually slept through the night! This is the first time she's ever slept through the night in her entire life! Yes, I am blessed with children who don't sleep through the night until after their second birthday. I don't know what I'll do if I ever get a full 8 hours of sleep again. It seems like such a distant dream!

Aaah. I remember those times when I was single, and it was Saturday, and I would be in that "sweet spot" in bed. You know what I mean? That perfect position with the perfect blanket coverage that makes your whole body tingle with relaxation? Of course, my cherubs are worth the sacrifice, but now I'm beginning to think I may be able to experience that again someday! Now, if only I could find someplace here in the South to get a good bagel ...

Hey, go to my friend Tanya's website and vote on her next hairdo!


Muthering Heights said...

Good'll get to that full night of sleep soon, I can feel it!

Tanya said...

Woo-hoo!! This is great news!! Oh, and your last paragraph made me yearn for the sweet spot. Does it still exist? Is it waiting for me? Meanhile I slept in a twin bed with a squirmy, periodically screaming in his sleep son. Rick slept in a quiet queen all my himself until about 5am when Ellie took my spot. :)

Oh, and thanks for the link! I'm a little nervous what people will choose, but I'm committed to go with the winner. Be brave, Tanya. It can't be worse than purple - right?

Julia said...

You are much more patient with the nursing thing than I was. And the sleep thing... I remember the sweet spot and even though Landon sleeps through the night most nights, he's usually with me and hogging that sweet spot!

natasha said...

i have NEVER breastfed that long and honestly, i can't imagine. i am like a milking cow and then, with both of my kids, at just over three months, my milk dries up over night. it is insane. i get all sad and depressed but i guess your breast is the equivalent of my binkie problem...
i feel for you on the no sleep through the night. i guess that is the good thing about not being able to nurse that long. my kids crash hard and early. nya slept through the night since six weeks since i followed the "baby whisperer" schedule and that was while nursing. i suggest picking it up when you get pregnant again. is the nursing why you haven't been able to?

natasha said...

p.s. thanks for excusing my run on sentences... ;)

Karen said...

Natasha - I don't know what it is that makes my kids seem unable to sleep through the night. I nursed Cakes and kept her in my bed, I bottlefed Bean and kept her in her own bed ... Maybe it's genetic? *grin*