Wednesday, November 5, 2008


I'm an anti-dentite. I shudder at the thought of some masked, gloved person poking sharp instruments into my mouth. It's like some form of medieval torture. I think dentists might be the most feared and/or despised group of medical professionals in existence.

Why are dentists so scary? I don't know. I think people don't like sharp things in their mouths. I think tooth pain may be worse than labor. I'm serious. I didn't use drugs with Cakes, and I think I prefered it to getting my teeth cleaned. By a huge margin.

But, today, I had to choke back the urge to scream and hyperventilate as I took Bean on her first trip to the dentist. She put on a brave facade as various people cleaned, flossed, poked, and flourided her teeth. She even eventually enjoyed "thirsty Joe."

The good news? Bean came through her first dental appointment with flying colors. She was well-behaved and cooperative, even if she was a bit nervous having so many things put into her mouth by strangers.

The bad news? We have a cavity. Nothing like a cavity in your kid's mouth to make you feel like a horrible mother, huh? It's not big, but it's there and it needs to be filled. Yikes!

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Kat said...

HAHA! I am an anti-dentite too! I comes from years of dental abuse, on the part of my dentists. They are sadistic!

Except for you're hubby OHMommy! I'm sure he is lovely. ;)

One cavity is no big deal. It happens. :)