Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Once again, it was story time at our local Barnes and Noble. Once a month, they have a special "guest" (i.e. a B&N Staffer dressed as a cartoon character) at story time. At the end of the story, the kids get to meet the special guest and pose for a picture. This month, the guest was Curious George.

Look at the crowds that showed up to see Curious George!

Am I the only one who did not know that Curious George was this popular? It's like Hannah Montana for toddlers! It was a loud, overstimulating (word that became second nature when working with adults with traumatic brain injury), mad house! Kids were screaming, parents were shoving forward with cameras to get a shot of their tots with George. Crazy!
Bean and Cakes were very interested in meeting George. Bean stepped right up, hugged him, and proceeded to pose. Cakes talked a lot about hugging George until she got within three feet of him. Then, Big Daddy had to hold her while she fearfully averted her eyes.

After the photo was taken, Cakes summoned all the courage she had in her little, three-foot frame and waved good-bye to George. She then proceeded to gush about him for the next hour.

The city's opera company is performing next week. I doubt they'll get the crowds George did ...


Joe said...

Who's the monkey with Bernie?

Sorry, I've always wanted to say that?

Anonymous said...

You didn't know George was this popular? He's got his own tv show, his own movie and how many hundreds of books! Very cool. I love the smirk on Big Daddy's face as Cakes cowers on his shoulder. Too cute.