Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Bean and I were discussing Peanut. Like I said, I like to keep Peanut in the forefront of the cherubs' minds so that they're as ready as they can be for her arrival this June.

On this occasion, Bean and I were discussing my blossoming belly, and Bean even got a chance to feel Peanut squirming around a little bit.

Me: That's Peanut in my belly; and, when she's all ready, God will bring her out of my belly and we will be able to hold her and feed her and change her diaper.

Bean: How did Peanut get in your belly?

Me: Well, Daddy put her there, and God will get her out when she's big enough.

Bean: But, how did Daddy put her in your belly?

Uh, oh .....


Anonymous said...

That's why we say God puts babies there. :) You gotta get those books: http://ccbreview.blogspot.com/2008/10/story-of-me.html

Julia said...

haha. That is awesome. I think Ellie is super sheltered. She thinks that when you get married you automatically have one baby in you. Then if you want more, you have to get a divorce and then find a new husband. hmmmm...that's really not any better...