Thursday, August 27, 2009


Cakes and Bean had a great time at Cakes' birthday party.

There was plenty of sugar shock to go around.

Cakes was excited with the gifts she received. When she unwrapped the Ken doll that Bean had given to her, she announced, "Finally! A Barbie of my very own!"

After cake, presents, and play time, it was into the bath to wash off all the chocolate crumbs and yellow icing. I went into my bedroom to nurse Peanut, while Big Daddy got the girls all pj'ed up and then relaxed on the couch to talk on the phone. He was still on the couch when I emerged from the bedroom. And the girls were here:

This is what was left of Wubbzy:

I'm not sure of those marks are from their fingers or their tongues. Honestly, it could be either.

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Kara said...

It looked like you all had a great time. I love birthday parties. And you did a great job on your cake:)