Monday, July 7, 2008


It's quite a production, what with our lawn being 7.02 acres. Usually, Big Daddy mows in sections, and it takes him about three days. This last time, however, Big Daddy enlisted the help of his twin sister's husband, Uncle Matt.

Since it was a Saturday, and Saturday is family day, we turned the mowing into a family activity. I manned the camera (and weeded the garden, of course - no spiders this time). Big Daddy hitched up the manure cart to the back of the mower.

The girls and Aunt Tracy were carted about behind him.

Uncle Matt raced around behind them on the small mower.

After the mowing, neighbor Sandy took everyone for a ride on her cart.

Then, we had a barbecue by the pool to close out the day.

And, no barbecue can be complete without Aunt Tracy pointing at the meat like a mental patient.

Early bedtime, anyone? No? Of course not.


Joe Martino said...

Ok, I am jealous that you guys have a cub cadet. Next to a JD, I think they are the finest mowers ever. I have a CC push mower. We do all 5.5 acres by pushing. Usually takes us three days too.

Muthering Heights said...

LOL, it looks like quite the affair!

I got the Wonder Pets at Nick Jr's website!

HRH said...

haha. That made me yearn for the days when I mowed 5 acres on my riding lawn, really it didn't but it did look like you guys had fun. Thank God the spider didn't return.

I took the boys to a matinee of Charlotte's Web today and thought of you.

Holly said...

How long does it take to mow 7 acres if I may ask???

Kellan said...

You all are having TOOOOO MUCH FUN! Mowing our yard (1 acre) is never that fun!

See you soon - Kellan

Karen said...

It probably takes about six hours to mow the whole thing (broken down into three 2-hour days). If we had a tractor, my husband keeps pointing out, it would go a lot faster *grin*.

Julia said...

7 acres? I don't envy the mowing but I totally envy the space. I may move to your house and just camp...I'm sure you wouldn't notice...and if you get the tractor, my son will definitely be on board.