Monday, July 28, 2008


So, with Grammy here, we thought it would be fun to take the cherubs to the Super Target. It was not fun. Have I mentioned the 20-minute car ride tolerance a few times? There was much screaming, during which Grammy sang all the toddler songs she could possibly think of, complete with hand motions. I wish I'd had a video camera with me so I could show all of you Grammy thrashing her limbs around the front seat like she had a medical condition. Unfortunately, it did very little to quell the screaming cherubs.

After about 20 minutes, I had the brilliant idea of breaking out the juice boxes. Now, juice boxes require some delicate handling. Hindsight tells me that hysterical toddlers are not prone to delicacy. Motts for Tots was sprayed throughout the back seat of the car, and the screaming reached record volume as the cherubs became drenched in fruit punch.

But, we made it home without any vomiting this time, and the girls are happily munching on the stalks of prematurely harvested yellow onions. And spitting out the chewed up stalks. On my kitchen floor. See?


Muthering Heights said...

Oh man, this had me laughing so hard...because I feel your pain! At least Grammy will believe you now, that it really is THAT bad!

Kathryn said...

Lol! Picturing your mother with the hand gestures really cracks me up! hehehe

Kellan said...

Aren't they fun?!

Have a good Tuesday - see you - Kellan

Holly said...

You forgot to mention that Grammy is now in the bathroom sucking her thumb:) I know your pain!

Julia said...

I was laughing the second I started reading this. How I know the pain of thinking a little trip will be fun, but then realizing it is NOT fun at all. I love the image of Grammy waving limbs around!!