Friday, July 11, 2008


Sometimes the hours are horrible. Big Daddy won't be home for supper tonight. So, do the cherubs and I scrounge around for nutritious scraps and leftovers, or do I actually make a meal?

Hmmm ...

Maybe I can do some baked chicken for them. And I'll look on the internet and in my many cookbooks for zucchini recipes.

I usually don't think about food when I'm not hungry or pregnant. Today is a rare exception.

Boy, I remember being pregnant with Bean, and I would be driving to work in tears, thinking of all the Northeastern food that can't be obtained here in the South. I would've given my left arm for a taste of home. Pregnancy does those kinds of crazy things to you.

Have I ever told you that Big Daddy got his first gray hair during my first pregnancy? I'm not a very pleasant pregnant lady. I am very in touch with my body, and I spent every evening giving Big Daddy a recitation of every strange sensation I'd had that day, along with my interpretation of the meaning of these sensations.

I remember I was in a meeting with my boss (a partner in a law firm) when I was pregnant with Bean, and she was doing the Can-Can in there or something. My stomach was bouncing all over the place like I had swallowed dolphins in a tuna net. I had to hold my notebook in front of my uterus to try to hide the distraction.

Here's a question - Did anyone else ever feel like a pod person or a host body when they were pregnant?

But, the main point of all these bunny trails is that I don't know what to do about dinner.


Big Hair Envy said...

Order pizza!

When I was pregnant with Snow White, I was enrolled in a couple of college courses. I got SO big that I had to sit sideways in the desk. It was one of those all-in-one jobs. Anyway, she would commence with the acrobatics, and the professor would walk over and watch my stomach move around! THEN he would point it out to the class and laugh! True story. His famous line that semester was that God has a special place for pregnant women and Navy wives :)

Now pick up the phone and dial 555-DONE.

Tammy said...

Greek chicken is always yummy....
salt/pepper, oregano, garlic, lemon juice. That's about it.

Or you could just order pizza.

Thanks for stopping by my place. I've not gotten too many comments about My Big Fat Greek Wedding. However, the whole movie was my life, sort. The people, the way the act together.....reality.

Edelweiss said...

Lordy - when I was pregnant with LG, all I could think about was that scene from Alien when the tiny alien comes bursting from the guy's belly (or even funnier, the satirical remake of said scene in Spaceballs when it bursts out doing A Chorus Line).

Anyway - I know exactly what you mean about feeling like a pod person. I used to joke that I was just a host for a very large parasite.

Weird that no-one thought it was all that funny.....

Kellan said...

I loved being pregnant with all my kids and felt every wiggle, squirm and hiccup and always had my hand on my belly to try to feel fingers and toes and elbows. I loved the movement - loved it!

Have a great weekend - Kellan

Tanya said...

Being a pod person is the biggest "con" for me when considering another pregnancy. I hate having my body taken over by another being. Like Edelwiess, I always thought of "Alien" and how I had possibly been impregnated by a controlling extraterrestrial. Both my kids drew obvious attention from others during church. Ellie loved the music and would dance accordingly. Zach started his acrobatics with the sermon. We decided he would be one of those expressive, pacing evangelists. :)

Food -- I made a great zucchini strata yesterday. Just eggs, butter, zucchini and some cheese. Easy and pretty tasty!

Kathryn said...

I loved, loved being pregnant! The first pregnancy always seemed a little alien to me, but still lovely. No matter how long I live feeling the babies move around in my belly will always be my favorite feeling.
I say, order pizza! ;)

ann said...

My rule is the quorum rule. If there is not a quorum who will eat dinner - regardless of the time- it's leftovers or cereal. Life is very simple when there is a formula for everything