Tuesday, May 12, 2009


And we have hit another plateau. Sort of. I mean, that Pioneer Woman chocolate cake that Big Daddy baked me for Mother's Day and proceeded to eat large portions of has not helped, but he's been pretty careful this week. Still, he is stuck at 296. So, we are going to decrease his calories just a bit, increase his water and green tea intake, and (hopefully) up his activity level. His jobs have kept him pretty active, but construction work is not the same as 30 minutes of sustained aerobic activity.

And, just because you might care to know, I have only gained 23 pounds so far this pregnancy. Yay! Of course, I still have 6-7 weeks to go, so there's still a chance for that number to get bumped up to 30 pounds. Especially since Big Daddy baked me that Pioneer Woman chocolate cake ...

So, here's the latest tally:

Starting weight = 312 pounds

Ending weight this week = 296 pounds

Weight loss this week = 0 pounds

Total weight loss = 16 pounds

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