Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Big Daddy loves to cook. He's one of those people that intuitively knows what flavors go together, and he considers cooking an artistic release. I, on the other hand, am chained to the cookbook. Even then, things don't always turn out well, especially in the baking department (you may remember Dora and Pablo ...).

One pattern that we have noticed, though, is snacking. Big Daddy will often grab a little handful of this, a little spoonful of that, and little nibble of the other. There is typically some snack or another sitting out on the table that is accessible to the cherubs, and it often proves tempting to Big Daddy. Usually it's fruit, but it occasionally consists of peanut butter-y things or fruit snacks or something along those lines.

Big Daddy also snacks when he cooks. I guess it's pretty impossible when cooking to avoid helping yourself to the fruits of your labor. So, we're starting to work on becoming mindful of everything that Big Daddy puts into his mouth. It's so easy to snack mindlessly, and then not even remember it five minutes later. I guess that's one of the reasons that food diaries work so well: your mind is constantly focused on what is going in.

So, here's the latest tally:

Starting weight = 312 pounds

Ending weight this week = 296 pounds

Weight loss this week = 1 pound

Total weight loss = 16 pounds

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