Tuesday, November 3, 2009


On a typical Sunday, Big Daddy's sisters and their husbands come to our house after church for a family dinner. Then, they amuse my children while I try to get some things done or just relax for a couple of hours. This week, Big Daddy got some fancy bakeware, and Aunts Kimmy and Tracy decided it would be fun to bake a Bert and Ernie cake with Bean and Cakes.

Here is the cake pan (a rather ambitious undertaking, but I wasn't doing the baking this time):

The first problem arose when the cake did not come cleanly out of the baking pan. So, Big Daddy and Aunt Kimmy carefully scraped the Muppet faces out of the pan and put it together like a jigsaw puzzle. After it cooled, Aunt Kimmy and the girls began to decorate, using up all the leftover icing in the house. They had to get a bit creative, seeing as we did not have enough of any one color to get a true Bert and Ernie rendition.

Aunt Kimmy did Bert, the girls did Ernie. The result? I like to think of it as "Sesame Street Meets The Exorcist."

And this proves that I am not the only pitiful excuse for a baker in the family!

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Lisa said...

how awesome! fond memories were made by the making of these cakes!