Monday, November 30, 2009


We're busily decorating for Christmas. We have a plastic Nativity scene for the girls once they decide they've had enough ornament hanging. Apparently, this Nativity scene was quite inspirational to Bean. She proceeded to tell us her version of the Christmas story:

"Once upon a time, Baby Jesus got stuck in the mud. Then, a creature came and took him, and he didn’t go home. So, Zerena came with all the people, and they started to sing. There was no room in the house, but they made some room. All the people came to get the room. The angels came and said, 'We need to ring the bell.' And the angel landed in the night, and took a bath. The end."


Tanya said...

I love it. :) Is that the Fisher Price Little People nativity? We have that one.

Remember Ellie's version? She sang about the "little bird Jesus" in a pear tree. Apparently they combined Noah's Ark with Jesus' birth.

Kids are priceless!

The SanMiguel's said...

Love it!!!