Monday, December 14, 2009


After accidentally killing my beloved Malik, I had no desire to get another dog. Big Daddy said he wanted a dog, but I knew that the idea of a dog was much more appealing to him than actually having a dog in the house.

Then, this guy showed up.

And wouldn't leave.

And then Big Daddy started loving on him when he was outside. And then the cherubs named him "Piggy Pudding." And then we let him sleep on the back porch on a particularly cold night. And we gave him some food and water. And now we have a dog (renamed "Harley," because "Harley" is a manlier name than "Piggy Pudding").

Says Bean, "Mom? I'm glad that Harley's here. It's nice when everyone has dogs."


Lisa said...

Awesome! I love dogs. :o)

Joe said...

ahh, that guy looks just like our Sam. We love her and she's a good dog. I'm sure you're gonna have fun. Besides whoever heard of a house in the country without a dog? :)