Sunday, June 29, 2008


It was close to naptime for Cakes. She had been playing in the front yard with Aunt Tracy and Bean, but she got irritated with them and ambled over to the garden where I was picking weeds. She insisted on sitting in my lap in the 90 degree weather, and then started getting annoyed when I reached around her to pull the weeds. That led to stomping on the carrots, which brought about a "don't do that," from me, and the screaming began.

Big Daddy, upon hearing the ruckus in the back yard, came out with a camera to document my increasing frustration, and finally the trip back to the house for a bath and a nap.


Edelweiss said...

I recognize that pattern - my little one did much the same yesterday afternoon.

PS - I loved your comment on my blog about your girls' name for any rope-like item. "Jump rope walking stick spaghetti George." That's too funny!

Kellan said...

What darling pictures.

Hope she had a good nap. Take care - Kellan

Muthering Heights said...

LOL, it's like a storm coming on, isn't it?

Kathryn said...

That all sounds very familiar.
I love the dad caught it on film. Blackmail for when she is older. ;)

Kara said...

Ohh, I've been there more times than I'd like to count! And I like how hubby documented the whole thing:)

Julia said...

Oh i love your garden. I too know the frustrations of being both the nap-needer and the nap-giver. I usually want to throw a tantrum when I'm tired to. Wait a minute, i usually DO throw a wonder my kid is impossible.