Wednesday, June 11, 2008


That's how I like to refer to myself. Other people have said I'm weird, or that I have a lot of rules, or that I'm like a senior citizen. But, delightfully quirky sounds so much better, doesn't it? It's almost Meg Ryan-ish.

Anyway, since nothing of particular import has happened lately, I thought I'd let loose a stream of my slightly OCD quirks:

1. When eating Skittles, I separate them all by color. Then, starting with purple, I eat them two at a time. Then I move on to orange, green, yellow, and finally red (which is my favorite). The purple ones taste vaguely like Dimetapp, so I eat them first to get them out of the way. Now, if I end up with an uneven number of one color, I usually give the lone Skittle to my ancient Cocker Spaniel. Like I said, I like to eat them in pairs (an attorney I used to work for witnessed me eating Skittles and proclaimed me to be "all kinds of crazy").

2. I like circles. I don't really like squares much, and triangles are terrible.

3. Although I like to eat my Skittles in pairs, I prefer groupings of five when it comes to home decor. I will settle for groups of three, but I find groups of five more aesthetically pleasing.

4. I tend toward the cluttered end of the spectrum, much to Big Daddy's chagrin. On my list of priorities, picking up clutter is more towards the bottom, with caring for my kids right at the very top. However, as far as my books and DVD's are concerned, I am so organized it is almost debilitating. I have my books separated by genre, and then organized on the shelves alphabetically by author. My DVD's are all on the shelves in alphabetical order by movie title (and if I have movies in a series, I must own the entire series, with the exception of The Godfather III and Spiderman 3, which are HORRIBLE movies!). But I have a huge spreadsheet for my DVD's which separates all movies by genre, director, star(s), year made, and plot synopsis. Why am I so anal in this particular area? No idea.

5. I have a hard time eating with someone who allows small amounts of food to collect on the underside of the neck of their eating utensil.

Bean is a girl after my own heart. She needs her food cut in a particular shape in order to eat it. If the shape deviates from what Bean finds acceptable, the food (in her estimation) is only good enough to throw to the dog. She's as delightfully quirky as I am!


Muthering Heights said...

OMG, I have to alphabetize everything too! People make fun of my DVD's all the time!!

When I used to eat M&M's I had to eat them in pairs too...but I would put them together as couples in complimentary colors...when I run out of those, I pair them in groups of analogous colors...when I run out of those, I pair them in colors I find pleasing together. And I always eat the colors I don't like first.

We could totally hang out and be crazy together!

Karen said...

And it makes us seem less crazy when we're in a group .... *grin*

Kathryn said...

I don't usually eat Skittles, but I do the same thing with M&Ms. I've NEVER known anyone else to do that! I seperate mine by color and then eat them two by two. If there is an odd number in a certain color then I will eat three of them last. I don't want the one to be lonely.
Yep. I'm all kinds of crazy too!
Thanks for commenting at my blog! :)

mrsneyman said...

i am so like you too. mine is 7's ever since i was little. i count everything and group them in 7's. i am going to have to steal your idea for this blog for sure. if i don't do it soon, remind me! oh and skittles suck. :) i have a thing with trail mix though where i have to have 2 m&m's to every almond. weird.
i know i haven't commented in awhile but i am still here. i just got one of those google reader things and i am still trying to learn to use it.

Joe Martino said...

You know you're dating yourself when you mention Meg Ryan. She hasn't made a movie that mattered since you and I were in college.
I have to stir my ice cream when I eat it and I only eat apples that have been in the fridge by cutting them. If they've been on the counter I will bite directly into them.

Julia said...

I loved this post. So funny.

I eat Skittles and M&Ms together. Two MM to one Skittle. People think it is gross, but it is just fruit and chocolate.

I used to organize my closet in rainbow order and my shoes by heel height. I don't do it as religiously as I used to and I can never find anything to wear.

My favorite line in this post is "triangles are horrible" haha.