Monday, December 22, 2008


With all the holiday preparations and family things going on, I haven't been able to spend much time in the blogosphere lately. But, I did come across something festive, a "ghost of Christmas past," in all of the bustle.

I lived in Africa from 1976 to 1980 (the reason I am not allowed to give blood or donate my organs).

There I am, with my brother and some of the local kids. I don't know what I was looking at.

On Christmas, we would go to the home of the American Ambassador for a Christmas party. Santa would make an appearance, bearing gifts for all the kids - you know, the usual. What was unusual was that Santa would ride into the yard on a camel.

Here I am in, I think, 1978. I'm getting my gift from the recently cameled Saint Nick.

I got a wind-up plane that spun in circles on the floor.


Julia said...

Wow. that is so cool that you lived in Africa. What a lucky experience.

I've ridden a camel in plain clothes and it was a little terrifying. I can't imagine in a Santa suit.

Alexia said...

What a great memory! Why were you living in Africa, if I may ask?

And I cannot believe Santa doesn't dress a little cooler, isn't Africa hot all the time? I think I'd die in all that getup :P

Karen said...

My parents were missionaries in West Africa. It was always hot, and poor Santa was sweating like a stuck pig! Ha ha! Those camels are mean, too!

Kara said...

How neat!! I loved the pictures:) Merry Christmas.

Kat said...

That is amazing! What an experience!

Muthering Heights said...

Oh my goodness, if I didn't know that was a photo of you, I would have thought it was a picture of one of your kids! They look so much like you!