Wednesday, December 10, 2008


It was pretty hard to get Cakes to stop nursing. I kept hearing about "self-weaning" and stuff, but that didn't really seem to be something she was interested in. I think she would have happily nursed until she went to college.

But, after about a year of effort, I finally got Cakes weaned a few months ago. Now, if I could just get her to sleep through the night ....

Which leads me to my Momma Love post this week. I, as usual, had ended up in bed with Cakes in the middle of the night. Good parenting? Maybe, maybe not. Good for getting a full night's sleep? Absolutely! So, Cakes started moaning and groaning, and I hopped into bed with her before she woke up Bean.

Cakes, eyes still closed and half asleep, wrapped one sweet little arm around my neck. With the other hand, she grabbed my hand and began to "nurse" on each of my fingers. Of course, she was disappointed with each one, and moved on to my knuckles, also with no success. Then, still holding my hand, she lay there smacking her lips, as if dreaming of nursing. Since Bean never showed any interest in nursing, it's funny to see how profoundly it affected Cakes. Months after weaning, she's still finding comfort in "nursing" in her sleep (and in digging around in my cleavage every chance she gets ... but that's another post for another day).

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Tanya said...

Both my kids did this, but with pacifiers, not my fingers. Zach would lose his paci as soon as he hit that "sweet spot" of sleep, but his lips would still move. I loved it! And was really, really sad the day I realized he didn't do it anymore.

Kat said...

Ha! That is so cute!
All of my boys weaned themselves by the time they were one. They just couldn't be bothered to sit still long enough. ;)

Julia said...

Wow that is crazy. My kid had a binky instead too, but I really didn't like nursing. I'm always proud of moms who can do it and enjoy it. Of course I don't have any amazing cleavage to nestle into so maybe that's why we had a hard time.

Julia said...

hmm i don't know if this will post twice because it didn't seem to work. Sorry if it does.

Just wanted to say i'm always proud of moms who can nurse for so long. I hated it and Landon didn't seem to like it much either. Binkies stayed until 18 months but after that we threw them all out. Actually he still finds them now and then...and will bite them and chew them. Sippies are the comfort now.