Thursday, April 9, 2009


Yes, there is a festival in a neighboring town called Mule Day. It's been an annual event since 1834 and brings in about 200,000 visitors each year. It all seemed rather anti-climactic to me, seeing as I had waited five years to go to this celebration of all things mule. Maybe we needed to go to more than just the parade ...

Anyway, here are pictures from the Mule Day 2009 parade (note the wagons full of Mule Queens past, as well as the Mule Queen 2009 and her court).

We left before the parade ended. You've seen a hundred mules, you've seen them all, right?


Muthering Heights said...

Well, I have to say, that's the first Mule parade I've ever looks very festive...?


Anonymous said...

Your kids are closer in height than mine and mine are closer in age. How did that happen??

Oh, and can't you just picture one your princesses in the parade some day? They'll be so proud of her mule crown. LOL.