Thursday, May 8, 2008


Apparently, Cakes told Bean that she had a boo-boo this morning. Enough said. Dr. Bean sprang into action. She carefully prepared the "bandage."

She explained the application process to Cakes.

She dressed the "wound."

And Nurse Cakes practiced what she had learned.


Tanya said...

Oh, my word! That is too funny. I've seen a forward with a little boy covered, head to toe, with pads, but never knew a child who actually did it. :) lol. Thanks!

Holly said...

I saw your comment left at "the pioneer woman" today and saw that like me, you are a vegetarian. I'm curious how many others there are reading her site. Anyway, I saw the garden post and this post and I'll definitely be back to read more-- too funny!

mrsneyman said...