Saturday, May 31, 2008


Today was grocery day. I usually try to go by myself (anyone with toddlers knows the joys of grocery shopping with them); but, my husband thinks it's a fun family outing. So, after taking the usual precautions (pre-shopping pizza, snacks for the store, toys ...), we headed out for our adventure.

I used to praise the genius of the person who invented those toddler-sized shopping carts that make toddlers feel grown up and helpful in the store. Now, not so much. Each cherub immediately requested a cart of her own. About two aisles into shopping, Cakes started running into canned goods and into my ankles. When I told her to stop, we had an instant meltdown that continued throughout our hurried trip through the store. I carried a screaming Cakes, Bean pushed one miniature cart, and Big Daddy hunched over the other miniature cart like Magilla Gorilla.

After a while, Cakes started gagging from all her screaming, and that was when we were bum-rushed by a seemingly endless stream of elderly women, offering an hysterical Cakes everything from candy to toys to money in an effort to quell the dry heaving screams. Nothing was effective, of course, and I ended up going out to the truck with Cakes while Big Daddy stayed in the store, buying bags of lollipops (aka "suckers," to the Southerners) and Skittles for Bean, the non-screaming cherub.

I know that the "polite" thing to do when your cherubs begin shrieking in a public place is to exit that public place. But, we live in the middle of nowhere. It took us half an hour to get to the grocery store, and I'm not about to waste my time and gas money. I'm getting my groceries, darn it!


mrsneyman said...

all i have to say is AMEN sister. i would have just gotten my groceries and pretended my kids and their crisis didn't exist. :) i live in a country club area that is with a senior area so we are definately the minority but I just ignore them. :)

Muthering Heights said...

I sincerely doubt any of the other shoppers had the survival skills you have when it comes to grocery shopping! Good for you for sticking to your guns!

Karen said...

Well, even people with screaming cherubs need to eat! Ha ha ha!

Tanya said...

We've talked about this so many times. I'm with you -- finish the shopping and deal with the crisis after the fridge is full. That said, as long as we're not rushed, I actually like shopping with the kids. Ellie and I had a great time getting groceries on Sunday. :) We even went to an open house. It was so fun! (I'll have to tell you about the open house. UGH!!! It was THE PERFECT PLACE for us, but ... alas, we don't have the money to live where we do. *grin*)

Holly said...

Were you at least able to find some food that interests you- LOL? I think most people aren't as bothered by screaming kids as we mothers think. I always just feel bad for the parents if I hear a tantrum (and thank gosh it's not mine)!