Wednesday, May 7, 2008


Bean is our caregiver, our nurturer, the one we are going to have to start saving to send to medical school. She loves to take care of you, whether you are sick or not. And one of her favorite things in the whole world is a bandage. She LOVES to stick bandages on people's boo-boos, real or imaginary.

Yesterday, Big Daddy's business partner was over to do some estimates. This gave Bean a new patient on which to practice her particular area of medicine. I was folding laundry when she came running into my room and said, "Come see! I gave Mr. David a Bandaid!" I followed Bean to the kitchen, where Mr. David was sitting on the floor, an overnight-sized "feminine napkin" stuck to his knee. The very obliging David walked around with the pad on his knee for several hours, removing it only after he was sure Bean wouldn't notice.

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Tanya said...

You need to store your pads in a different location. Perferably one out of the girls' reach. :)