Tuesday, May 27, 2008


I love food. I love looking at food, smelling food, chewing food, swallowing food .... I love food. But, lately, I've been very bored with food. I have a ton of cookbooks (because I love cooking food), but nothing is jumping off the page at me, screaming, "Make me! Make me!"

And so, I haven't really been eating a lot these past few weeks. I nibble enough to keep myself nourished, and I manage to feed my children three meals and three snacks daily (although, it's been very boring food, and I really don't feel like making it).

So, here's the deal. I'm a lacto-ovo vegetarian (loosely; I could probably better describe myself as a picky eater whose tastes most mirror those of a lacto-ovo vegetarian). Basically, I eat all veggies (except Brussel sprouts - blech!), and egg and dairy products. I also eat ground turkey breast, and boneless, skinless, veinless, connective tissue-less chicken breast if I can prepare it myself so that it meets my specifications. I'm allergic to shellfish, so I avoid seafood like the plague.

And now, I will put my blog to work for me. If anyone has some yummy, quick and easy, not too expensive ingredient-wise recipes that will release me from my current food apathy, please post some recipes or some links to recipes that conform to my pickiness!!!!


mrsneyman said...

i could easily become you. the thought of eating anything chewy and muscular makes me want to vomit. i unfortunately can't help unless you want dessert!

Holly said...

Well, nothing pops out in my mind right now but if I think of anything I'll get back to you. Don't forget about all of the recipes Ree has posted at Pioneer Woman (not only hers but about 5000 others from a giveaway she had a while back). I think you can find the link on her cooking page. I WISH I was bored with food!

Karen said...

Unfortunately for my hips and butt, about the only food that doesn't bore me is Ree's amazingly fantastic chocolate sheet cake!

Tanya said...

Have you tried the Tutti-Frutti Turkey Salad from Elmo's cookbook? (I know you have it!) It's REALLY good. Of course, since my kids love it, yours will probably hate it. :) I'll email you my recipes for perogies and soft pretzels. I also need to send you my vegetarian lasagna. Yummmmmm!!!

Karen said...

Tanya, I tried it after you raved about it on the phone to me. And yes, my children hated it - ha ha!