Friday, August 8, 2008


One of the most wonderful ailments of all has descended upon the household. Bean has diarrhea. So, she's back in diapers, because we're never sure when the monster is going to strike. Like yesterday. When it struck. On Grampy's t-shirt. Or again yesterday. When it struck. On the kitchen floor. Twice. I'll spare you the visual.

The pediatrician said we should start her on the BRAT and BRAC diets. All well and good, unless you have a 3-year-old like mine who pretty much lives on Goldfish, the occasional pasta noodle, and thin air. Is there a GRAC diet? Or maybe a G-PAC? That would work. Minus the applesauce, of course. Applesauce? The horror! Bananas are iffy, but tolerable.

The good news is, the cherub can't get enough cheese.

On another note, don't forget the Kid Pics Carnival tomorrow! I'll have Mr. Linky up later tonight. I look forward to seeing all the kids' creativity and artistry!


Kathryn said...

Aww. Poor kiddo. And yes, thank you for sparing us the descriptives. ;)

natasha said...

story of my life! my kids never have solid poop oh and to boot, my nya vomited down my shirt at my in-laws and i had to wash my breasts in their sink. classically nasty!

Muthering Heights said...

Oh no, I hope she feels better soon!

Karen said...

Natasha - that is an absolute riot! Just when you think you've heard everything, someone tells you they had to wash their breasts in their in-law's sink! Ha ha!

D... said...

Poor Bean! I hope she's feeling better now. That's never fun for a girl, nor her mama.