Friday, August 1, 2008


And it is time for our second Kid Pics Carnival! *fanfare playing* Go here to learn how to participate. And thanks to last week's contributors. Let's keep those kids' creative juices flowing. Here are the products of my toddlers' Fisher Price camera this week. We'll begin with Cakes, who took some lovely photos of the view through our storm door (that wheelbarrow is where we set off fireworks on July 4; we'll get around to putting that away ...), and also a pic of the toys that she and her sister picked up in the evening before bed.

Bean captured Cakes trying to climb onto the sofa from behind (that large, furry thing is the tail of a deer pelt, which was hunted and eaten by my warrior cousin, Timmy, and then donated to my husband, whose one and only hunting excursion resulted in bringing home some fresh deer roadkill - remind me to tell you that story), and also got a great action shot of Grampy, who is very excited to be spending time with his grandbabies.


Muthering Heights said...

I really like the second one!

Natalie said...

Late but posted. And tell us about the road-kill deer this week!