Monday, August 18, 2008


So, Grammy almost immediately regretted allowing Bean and Cakes to play with her electric toothbrush. The greater part of two days was spent with Grammy's toothbrush in one of the cherubs' mouths. The end result was a new toothbrush head for Grammy, and an electric toothbrush for each of the cherubs.

Not only do they find great joy in brushing their teeth, they have also come up with creative new uses for their toothbrushes. For instance, Bean enjoys cleaning windows with hers. She also enjoys brushing the dogs' hair, teeth, and anything else the dogs will tolerate (please note all toothbrushes are thoroughly disinfected on a regular basis).

Cakes prefers to use her toothbrush for more artistic endeavors. Look at the concentration on her face as she makes sure every detail is perfect.

Grammy sits patiently for her little hairdresser, breathing a sigh of relief that it is not her toothbrush that is being used as a styling product.


Muthering Heights said...

She looks like a FABULOUS hairdresser!

D... said...

What a sweet Grammy! Does your daughter take walk-ins? My daughter desperately needs her hair done before the 1st day of school. ;)

wright said...

Too cute!

One Mom said...

Love those pics! Such concentration! Who knew a toothbrush could be so versatile!