Sunday, August 24, 2008


I finally found the charger for my video camera. So, as promised, I dutifully set my girls in front of the camera to record them singing "Popular." It didn't come out quite as planned. There was nose picking throughout the recording. There were also many attempts on my part to convince a skeptical Bean that the camera was, in fact, recording her song. Finally, in exasperation, I turned the viewfinder so that the girls could see that I was telling the truth about the camera recording them. And, well, that was the end of the concert.



Muthering Heights said...

TOO funny!

Tanya said...

All of our home videos either end up like this -- close-ups of giggling foreheads -- or with a pushing match and tears. :)

Ellie watched this with me. She wants to know when you and the girls are coming over for a playdate.

Julia said...

What's a music video without nose picking anyway? :)

Holly said...

I love the giggles:) They brightened up sickness filled day:)